The following questions and answers relate to our hosted legal cashier outsourcing service: 

1.   Is software installed on my equipment?

No, only a secure internet connection is required

2.   What specification PC or Laptop is needed and what are the broadband requirements?  

This will depend on which hosted software is used and your current systems. We will give guidance on the various specifications for optimum functionality when we have assessed your individual needs.

3.   Is training required?

Yes, we offer a range of training sessions bespoke to your needs.

4.   How do you access posting information?

By secure internet connection

5.   When you have accepted a posting, when will the transaction appear on the relevant ledger account?

Instantly, providing the transaction is not under query

6.   Can I view my ledgers and KPI information from home?

Yes, you can access your information anywhere in the world 24/7 with a reliable internet connection

7.   Do you reconcile my bank accounts and how often?

We carry out monthly bank reconciliations as a minimum depending on our assessment of your needs. You will need to arrange internet banking if you haven’t done so already and grant us ‘read only’ access to your bank accounts.

8.   Which reports are available to view online?

Comprehensive monthly management reports, SRA Accounts Rules reports and KPI information are available to view online 24/7. Arrangements can be made for any reports not available online to be sent to you by your preferred means.

9.   Do you offer telephone support?

Yes, we have a number of support lines depending on your query which are available during normal office hours.            

10.  Where is my data and is it safe?

Your data is held in UK data centres with full encryption

11.  If I change system will my client and matter information be transferred over?

Yes, either manually or by full electronic data transfer.

12.  If I change system, how long does it take to go ‘live’ on the new system?

One calendar month maximum

Full computerised data transfers may take longer depending on the complexities involved.

13.  How long am I committed to using your services?

This depends on what is involved to set up your service(s). In general the commitment is by reasonable agreement for both parties.

14.  If the services are terminated, what happen to my data?

Your data will be returned to you in your preferred format wherever possible or in an agreed format.            

15.  How much do you charge for outsourcing services?

This will depend on which service or services are required and the size of your practice. Our added value service fees are significantly less than the employed in-house equivalent.

16.  How do I pay for your services?

By direct debit

17.  How do you deal with my VAT returns?

We will analyse and calculate your VAT liability depending on your HMRC scheme. Your return will then be submitted electronically and paid over by BACS.

18.  What happens if I receive notice of a compliance visit by a governing body?

Notify us without delay to enable us to offer guidance and supply the requisite information well in advance.

19.  What other services do you provide?

Financial Director, Payroll, Practice Management and Consultancy

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